Human network. Two months, 12 countries, 500 people united every day by poetry and dance

6 Sep 2022

Every day of confinement I sent a poem and a song, at first only to students and friends, but we grew to more than 500 people from 12 countries who, for two and a half months, in the privacy of each one’s home, without screens or cameras, alone or with the family, we enjoyed the poem and danced to the song feeling that, at that very moment, the others were doing the same.

From Spain it reached Argentina, Uruguay, Italy, Romania, Germany, Canada, Guinea Bissau, Chile, Mexico, Israel and Portugal. The poem was accompanied by an audio interpreted every day by some of the participants, who put their voice to the text, thus embellishing, among all, the initiative.

One day I asked them to send some images when dancing to the song and this video shows some of them. That was beautiful!

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