Benefits of Biodanza


The first thing you experience practicing it regularly is:

  • Greater motivation and courage to lead your life.
    Coherence between what you think, feel and do.
  • Your relationships improve.
  • Increase your joy and vitality.
  • Improvement of fluidity, flexibility, power, coordination and rhythm, in your body and in your way of getting along in life.
  • Decreased stress level and muscle tension.
  • Strengthening your immune system.
  • The restoration of your emotional balance.
  • Affective reeducation.
  • Greater ability to communicate with you and the environment.
  • The stimulation of your creativity.
  • Easier to create links.
  • The expression of your potentials.
  • In the company and the school it favors the cohesion and well-being of the group or team.


He teaches Biodanza classes in Logroño and Navarra. Member of BiodanzaYA, the Spanish Association of Biodanza Facilitators Rolando Toro System.

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