Biodanza classes, workshops and retreats

We want to make it easy for you. That’s why we offer you three options. Face-to-face Biodanza classes in Logroño with morning and afternoon schedules; Biodanza classes online in case you cannot move; and Biodanza workshops and retreats, to delve into topics of interest.

Biodanza classes or sessions are once a week, for two hours. And you have the flexibility to combine the different schedules if you work shifts or some week you can’t go to your usual schedule.

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The interaction with your colleagues and partners, the looks, and the contact, are the great source of information and transformation. The bond you create with the group you attend regularly is important. But, if you work shifts or cannot attend a week, the other groups are open at any time in the morning, afternoon, or evening so that you don’t miss any class.


If your work, health, family or geographical circumstances do not allow you to attend in person, do not worry. As a result of the pandemic, we created a special program adapted to the online format. Thanks to this, people from different cities and even countries meet every week to enjoy the benefits of Biodanza.


Days of self-knowledge in a group, in nature, learning and sharing experiences. We delve into topics such as, for example, communication, identity, limits, the gender perspective, creativity or links. It is time to take one more step, dedicating one or several days just for you.

Biodanza face-to-face classes in Logroño



9:30h – 11:30h

Samadhi Yoga: Gran Vía 51, entreplanta. Logroño.


16:15h – 18:15h

Centro Cultural Ibercaja (Portales 48. Logroño)


20h – 22h

San José Obrero (Plaza Martín Ballesteros. Logroño)

Biodanza online classes



17h – 18:30h

Through the Zoom platform

Classes are live through Zoom, this way we can see each other in real time and share impressions. We will give you an access link so that you can connect every week through your computer, tablet or mobile. Choose the largest and quietest place you have, where no one interrupts you, and your screen will become a window open to the world, the one outside, and the one inside you.

Biodanza workshops and retreats


Last workshop held

Biodanza and Yoga Retreat: “Two paths, one destination

11-12 september

From Saturday at 8 a.m. to Sunday at 5 p.m.

House of spirituality Ain Karim, en Haro (La Rioja)

They teach: Fran e Inma (Gauri), de Samadhi Yoga (Yoga y Meditación). Ana Ezquerro (Biodanza)

About the workshop

Yoga and Biodanza are two different human development systems with a great capacity to transform and improve your life. In this workshop we enjoy both experiences, giving each one its place and time. A proposal in which Inma (Gauri) and Fran from Samadhi Yoga took us to meet Yoga and Meditation, and Ana Ezquerro, from Biodanzalia, to Biodanza and Clay. Living together in a beautiful natural environment, we rescue body awareness and harmony. 

Other workshops held

Every year we organize different workshops and weekend retreats, for one day or several, in a natural environment, to deepen with Biodanza in fundamental aspects of existence, recharge energy, recover calm and increase knowledge.

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He teaches Biodanza classes in Logroño and Navarra. Member of BiodanzaYA, the Spanish Association of Biodanza Facilitators Rolando Toro System.

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