What is Biodanza?

Biodanza is the dance of life, it tells us about how you move in life. Biodanza is a system of human development, which was created by the Chilean psychologist and anthropologist Rolando Toro in the 1960s.

In life we often walk like automatons, without listening to what our deepest essence really needs. With Biodanza we are recovering our movement full of meaning, through the power of music and a series of dance-exercises without choreography based on a scientific methodology.

The sessions are held in groups, with dances of vitality, affectivity, creativity, sexuality and transcendence, organized according to a theoretical model based on the life sciences: Biology, Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology.

What differentiates Biodanza from other disciplines such as Yoga or Meditation is that it incorporates the bond with other people, so important for these times that we live in loneliness and isolation.

If you want a change in your life, if you want to enhance your skills, overcome your fears, transform a crisis, be able to set limits, improve your communication and enjoy the pleasure of living, this is your space!


He teaches Biodanza classes in Logroño and Navarra. Member of BiodanzaYA, the Spanish Association of Biodanza Facilitators Rolando Toro System.

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Phone: +34 630 71 89 70
Email: hola@biodanzalia.es
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