Ana Ezquerro

When I was eight years old, my favorite thing about my new room was a huge photograph of galloping horses and mares. It was hanging on the wall above my study table. The herd moved into the shallow bed of a river, following the current. With their manes raised, they splashed torrents of water as they passed. His eyes, his strong muscles, distilled freedom, power, beauty, courage. Identity. Looking at her, he perceived the momentum and harmony of the movement of a community that advanced as a group, as if it were a single body.

That instinct, that determination reaching out to me, always motivated me deeply. I contemplated the image in detail a thousand times, as many times as it has accompanied me throughout my life.

When I practice Biodanza, the same emotions and sensations that I felt when looking at the photograph of the herd advancing along the river are awakened and reinforced in me. In each Biodanza session I feel alive, and that feeling of strong connection with myself, with other people, and with the universe, brings me immense joy.

When I dance with the group, I perceive my being expressing itself in its maximum power through the body, I release rigidities, I feel the awakening of beauty, sensuality, the power of affectivity, the return of looks, the bonds… I was trained as Facilitator (teacher) of Biodanza to deepen my human development, and understand these transformative processes. And along the way, my commitment to offer Biodanza to the world was born.

My name is Ana and since I was little I have had a deep desire to discover the meaning of life and understand the gears of human relationships. I enjoy learning to live consciously and coherently with what I feel and think. It moves me to contemplate the transformation of people when we choose to live fully, connected with our true identity, from sensitivity, and driven by the energy of love, in connection with ourselves, and with everything around us.

My motivation is to facilitate meeting paths and contribute to the improvement of people’s lives, helping to overcome fears, and favoring the expression of our potentials. I love reading, nature, and art in all its manifestations. I practice Biodanza, Yoga and Meditation.

Before Biodanza, I worked for many years as a journalist in different media, and as head of communication in various public institutions in La Rioja. I also approached people with intellectual disabilities as a trainer in Easy Reading and Cognitive Accessibility, and there I learned the value of difference and plurality, the gift of inclusion.

I traveled the world for a year and discovered that there are many ways to live, which helped me to be more empathic and open; I volunteered with immigrants, I got certified as a Spanish Teacher for Foreigners, and I valued even more the power of communication. And then I discovered Biodanza and, with it, the way to put what I am at the service of life, experiencing everything, and what I learn every day.

I have three vocations that are one: communication, human development, and education. Regarding my training, I am a certified Facilitator of Biodanza Rolando Toro System (SRT), by the Zaragoza School of Biodanza, and a Bachelor of Information and Communication Sciences, by the University of Navarra.

Curiosity and the desire to continue deepening led me to also certify myself in the specialties of Biodanza for Children and Adolescents, Biodanza in Clay, Neochamanism in Biodanza, Biodanza and Social Action, Biodanza and The Tree of Desires, Corporal Reading, and Education. Biocentric. I have been practicing Biodanza for more than ten years, and I teach workshops and face-to-face classes in different public and private institutions in La Rioja and Navarra. And, since March 2020, also online open to the world.

With each step in life, I feel like I am moving forward along with that herd of horses and mares from my childhood. A herd that gallops, grows, becomes stronger, more authentic, freer, happier.


He teaches Biodanza classes in Logroño and Navarra. Member of BiodanzaYA, the Spanish Association of Biodanza Facilitators Rolando Toro System.

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