ALBERTO MIRANDA · 49 years old · Mechanical industrial engineer

Face-to-face biodanza classes

Biodanza has improved my life and my relationships, I better identify healthy behaviors. It helps me to be more aware of what is important in my life and to feel better. My Biodanza group brings me peace and harmony, the atmosphere is very good and very healthy. Ana Ezquerro has shown us on multiple occasions to have very high ethics, respect, be tolerant, supportive and responsible. She prepares the classes with detail and care, and she always shows her kindest face and understanding of her. She does her job very well and deals with contingencies with great solvency. She is very gratifying with the extensions of information, resolution of doubts and synthesis of knowledge of the rounds spoken.

SAMUEL GOIKOETXEA · 32 years old · Artist

Face-to-face biodanza classes

Biodanza has been a great discovery that has improved my life and given it another beautiful perspective. Physically I feel much more comfortable and I am more aware of the expression of my whole body. I recommend it to all people who want to reconnect with their original and most authentic being. Thank you Ana Ezquerro for transmitting to us and giving us the possibility for magic to happen in each class.

ANA BELÉN MÉNDEZ · 50 years old · Administration Technician

Online biodance classes

Practicing Biodanza has been a before and after for me. Now I feel stronger and more confident, I like myself more. I have a lot of fun because I love to dance and I leave class full of positive energy. I feel much better than before.

MARÍA JOSÉ GONZÁLEZ · 60 years old · Massage therapist and geriatrician

Face-to-face biodanza classes

Biodanza helps me to express my emotions, channel my energy and understand many of the things that happen to me, recognizing them without judging. I feel more energetic. For me Biodanza is the expression of the soul in motion. The group gives me development and emotional stability, the atmosphere is very good and there are no judgments. Biodanza helps me change attitudes that block me and above all brings me joy. Ana Ezquerro is a love, she is always encouraging you, she gets involved and is one more. She knows how to express herself in such a way that everyone understands her, she is assertive, loyal, complicit, cheerful and enthusiastic.

CORAL ACEDO · 64 years old · Retired pharmacist

Face-to-face biodanza classes

I am delighted that Biodanza has entered my life, and Ana seems like a chapeau person to me. Biodanza has been a real discovery, it gives me tremendous joy. When I dance I feel free, and now I am more sure of myself. Biodanza helps me to know myself, to be a better person, to overcome challenges and prejudices, to be happy. I love my Biodanza group, I feel part of the tribe, the atmosphere is fabulous even if there is a change of participants, there is a lot of unity. Ana Ezquerro is a very competent facilitator, she gives clear instructions and in the verbal rounds she explains the relationship between the exercises and life. Ana is empathetic, cheerful, intelligent, a good communicator and she knows how to treat each one of the group.

FELICIDAD SÁENZ · 55 years old · Nurse

Face-to-face biodanza classes

I started practicing Biodanza with Ana Ezquerro 5 years ago and from the beginning the joy of living was enhanced in me, I reconciled with my body and learned to move it freely, I made links with my colleagues and learned to relate to each other expressing my affection. The diversity of schedules that Ana offers has allowed me to continue classes even if I change my work shift. Ana Ezquerro is a facilitator with a lot of experience and rigor. I am grateful to have known Biodanza.

SILVIA GARCÍA · 55 years old · Saleswoman

Face-to-face biodanza classes

Before Biodanza I had my emotions frozen, I couldn’t express them and it was impossible for me to cry, but in the first class that emotion was able to come out. Music is powerful, dancing is natural, free and authentic movement expressed without limits or judgments, it is letting myself go. I have been able to unleash my truth, to be and to live in a more authentic and free way. dance to be You have to try Biodanza, it is life, movement connects you with your emotions and allows you to experience emotional freedom.

SOPHIE DA COSTA · 50 years old · Emotional therapist

Face-to-face biodanza classes

Biodanza helps me to free myself energetically, to connect more with my body, to meet great people and a lot of other things. The atmosphere is great. From Ana I highlight her professionalism, how she promotes communication, her slogans are made with great care and care to free us from the depths, with respect and harmony. I recommend Biodanza con Ana Ezquerro to anyone who wants to get to know themselves better and live a fuller and happier life.

SONIA CALVO · 45 years old · Nurse

Face-to-face biodanza classes

For me Biodanza is a space to share, reconnect, express, enjoy. A true gift for body and soul. Ana Ezquerro manages to transmit the essence of Biodanza perfectly, it has come into my life at the right time and I think it is here to stay. Thank you Biodanza!

MERCEDES INÉS · 54 years old · Nursing assistant

Face-to-face biodanza classes

Ana Ezquerro is very professional, from minute zero she transmits security and trust, with clear guidelines and messages and a clean and smiling look. Her close and warm attitude encourages me to explore my interior and enhance the best of me. At the end of class we have a different shine in our eyes, I go out feeling freer, happier, more tolerant and positive. She teaches me to get the best of me looking for the light and closing wounds. I feel that I am growing as a person, I bring out the girl that I have inside, the one that kisses and hugs, the one that has enthusiasm for life.

ELDER ZEBALLOS · 61 years old · Degree in Human Nutrition and teacher of Spanish for Foreigners

Biodance classes online. Connecting from Germany

With Biodanza I rediscover myself in my feelings, it leads me to experience a better state of well-being, to give me room in life for everything good. It is reconnecting with my essence that I had lost with the load of worries and stress. It is an awakening of the soul, and everything connected to a sincere love for oneself. Doing it online allows me to practice Biodanza from Germany, where I live. Ana Ezquerro has a great attitude to explain the exercises and movements, she manages to let me go and feel and enjoy these experiences that are internal and very valuable. After the class my heart is full of gratitude.

GEMA RUIZ DE LA TORRE · 47 years old · Publicist and cultural manager

Clases de biodanza presenciales

I love Biodanza, it fills me, excites me, it puts me in shape inside and out. I learn to know myself, to relate to myself, to like myself and to enjoy life. Ana Ezquerro seems to me to be a sensational facilitator, because of her sensitivity, generosity and delicacy, because of her talent for communicating and teaching.

PILAR PORTOLÉS · 64 years old · Doctor

Biodance classes online. It connects from Teruel

My wonderful idyll with Biodanza began in confinement thanks to a charming and wonderful person who is Ana Ezquerro, the facilitator who makes you enter another universe. I live in Teruel and there are no face-to-face classes, so being able to do them online makes Wednesdays the day I dedicate time to myself. It relaxes me, resets me, tests how my body and mind are, helps me face my inner self with all its baggage and how great it is to meet with my colleagues. And all guided in a splendid and subtle way by Ana. It is and was lucky to meet her, the universe rewards you with these gifts.

SOL PORTOLÉS · 64 years old · Retired civil servant

Online and face-to-face biodanza classes

I started in face-to-face classes where the hugs, the walks, the rounds, fed my soul. With the pandemic, go to online classes where the looks, the concentration, the intimacy continue to feed her. Biodanza means rediscovering myself, returning to my essence, it brings me peace, harmony, sensitivity. Thanks to Ana Ezquerro “my” facilitator, because from the first moment she was able to recognize what I need and guide me towards improvement, she is a special person and a great professional.

MERCEDES NAVAJAS · 52 years · Businesswoman

Face-to-face biodanza classes

Biodanza is for me, among other things, the recreation of my days, the return to the here and now, childhood revived. How to call a soul therapy without words, or couch, or theories? Thank you, Ana Ezquerro, because leaving your classes with that high is only explained if there is a lot of work, knowledge and sensitivity on your part behind it.

ALFREDO RUIZ · 62 years · Metallurgical

Face-to-face biodanza classes

Ana Ezquerro is a profound facilitator, showing the way for people to reach their natural joy, learning to live with the experience of intense nature itself. Her presence is full of grace and love, her work, her words, her dance, enhance the feeling of humanity, being intense, of the highest quality, and can change the core of being. The most valid in Biodanza for modern society is spirituality to reach all beings. Welcome to the Silent Revolution of self-realization.


Face-to-face biodanza classes

Biodanza classes bring me tranquility and peace, they make me see life in a more positive way. I am very happy to be in the biodanza group. It is totally recommended to try it.

OLGA GARCÍA · 44 years · Psychology student

Face-to-face biodanza classes

There are no words to describe the sensations and emotions that Ana transmits in her classes. Biodanza is wonderful for life, for what each one needs or wants to experience. Thank you for so much, for being and for sharing it in such a close way.

BEATRIZ MIGUEL · 57 years · Teacher

Face-to-face biodanza classes

I like Biodanza a lot, it does me good. It is a privileged space and moment to connect with myself, to express what I often cannot with words and to do so with more and more freedom, confidence, sure of a group that receives it without judging. Ana Ezquerro, the facilitator, is close, empathetic and intuitive. She, without realizing it, leads you to go through different experiences and emotions, in a smooth, natural way, to meet yourself and the other.

RUBÉN-CIANO (Clown-autor) · 44 years · Singer

Face-to-face biodanza classes

Biodanza is a very enriching experience for me. I have learned (and I am surprised every day) to recognize my inner and outer limits with others and with myself. I learn to breathe and know the rhythms and emotions of those around me and, best of all, I have a lot of fun. Of course, one hundred percent recommended. Health and love.

CRISTINA GONZÁLEZ · 37 years · Sociocultural animator and electricity officer

Face-to-face biodanza classes

Biodanza has contributed in my life balance, connection with my being, being aware that we are the whole. Discover new ways of being and feeling, feeling my essence and identity. Learn to enjoy the pleasures of life and to live in the present moment. Thank you Biodanza for helping me dance in life. I love Ana Ezquerro’s classes, she is a professional who dedicates herself from the heart to listening to the group and creating the right sessions for our personal development. Besides that she is an exceptional woman.

DANIELLE POURQUET · 80 years · Teacher

Face-to-face biodanza classes

I am an older person and despite this my body speaks and tells me that it still has a lot to teach me. It connects me with my deepest Self where I am far from the influence of my ego. When leaving class, the effects are already felt: more joy, more harmony, more balance. I must also say that I have been lucky to have Ana Ezquerro as a facilitator. From the first moment she seemed to me to be a person who transmits a lot of her love for biodanza, for the people, who knows how to lead the class without being noticed, being one of the group. It is tenderness, warmth, sweetness that he gives us. Without noise, with simplicity and authenticity. THANK YOU ANA for your care and your example. You see: I have decided not to miss this opportunity that connects me with LIFE.

BELÉN PUENTE · 56 years · Keeper

Face-to-face biodanza classes

I never imagined the good that Biodanza would do me. It is dancing being myself, it is rediscovering the game, childhood, it is caressing my soul to the rhythm of music, it is sharing fears, madness, friendship with wonderful people, it is breaking the monotony for two hours a week, it is very easy and COOL. Ana Ezquerro is an impressive woman and professional who continues to train as a teacher and person to acquire new knowledge that benefits each one of us in our lives.

MARIAN RAMÍREZ · 56 years · Administrative

Face-to-face biodanza classes

Biodanza is based on the solid confidence of human potential, with perfectly selected music, in a group. Through dance, we enter into an experience, brief experiences, fully lived in the here and now, absolutely inclusive. I feel happier, discovering a new being, another more pleasant form of reality, connecting with my essence, reconciling with myself and with others, with more openness, establishing healthy bonds, oxygenating my day to day, with a certain bodily freedom, maintaining my health and my affections, broadening my perception, revitalizes me. I learn to love myself more, it helps me to have a more objective look, it gives more meaning to my life. I have the great fortune that Ana Ezquerro is my facilitator in this process, a person who enjoys all my trust, safe, natural, simple, sincere, a lady with overwhelming magnetism, inclusive, respectful, attentive, kind, animator of souls, of words. encouraging and always accurate, the care and care with which he prepares his classes, his presence always attentive to needs, his dance of subtle, felt, profound movements, his wisdom of life from which I continually learn, and a long etcetera that sure left me in the inkwell. I encourage everyone to try this precious discipline of life, for a more affectionate and closer world for everyone.


He teaches Biodanza classes in Logroño and Navarra. Member of BiodanzaYA, the Spanish Association of Biodanza Facilitators Rolando Toro System.

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